How to Use Ford Remote Start

Man opening car with Ford key fob
If you drive a new Ford vehicle and are anxious to use the Ford Remote Start feature, then learn about the ins and outs of this feature with the service center at Morrie's Minnetonka Ford. We’ll show you how to use Ford Remote Access and everything that comes along with this feature. Once you know how to equip this feature and what it can do, visit our dealership to find a new Ford vehicle with this feature or have any of your other car-related questions answered.

Ford Remote Start Basic Features & Capabilities

To learn how to use Ford remote start during your Maple Grove commute, take a look at some of the basic features of this technology system below:

How to Start Your Ford: 

  1. Push the “lock” button on your Ford key fob.
  2. Push the remote start button two times.
  3. You should see the exterior lamps flash twice.
  4. If the command failed, you should hear the horn sound.

How to Turn Your Ford Off:

  1. After you use the remote start feature, push the button one time.
  2. You should see the exterior lamps on your Ford turn off.

Another Ford Remote Access feature is the Memory Feature, which allows you to adjust your seating, mirror, and steering column positions when you use remote start on your Ford. To do this, you’ll have to pre-set all the positions one time, and then they should automatically reset to those positions every time you use the remote start feature.

What Is FordPass, & What Does It Do?

Some Ford vehicles are equipped with the SYNC Connect feature, which uses FordPass to control your vehicle remotely. The best thing about FordPass is that there are no yearly subscription fees, and you can access the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have the app, you’ll be able to perform the following:

  • Start and stop your Ford remotely
  • Lock and unlock your Ford remotely
  • Schedule a remote start ahead of time
  • Keep an eye on gas and fluid levels in your Ford

What If Ford Remote Start Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes, your Ford Remote Access system may not work while driving on the Eden Prairie roads. More than likely, your Ford Remote Access system isn’t broken, but there may just be something you forgot to check on or turn off. Here are some common reasons why your Ford Remote Access system may not be working:

  • Hood is open
  • Transmission is in park (P)
  • Ignition is on
  • Triggered alarm
  • Disabled remote stop/start system
  • Vehicle battery is low
  • “Service engine soon” light is illuminated

For any other questions on how to use Ford Remote Start or anything else related to your Ford Remote Access services, reach out to Morrie's Minnetonka Ford. If you’d rather have our professionals take a look at whatever issues you may be having, schedule service with us right here in Minnetonka.

Get Ford Remote Access at Morrie's Minnetonka Ford

Contact us for any questions you have today. We look forward to helping you drive more efficiently wherever you go with Ford Remote Start.


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